Signalizing means to mark with signs, and sign is what enables knowing or identifying something.


Sinalmig focus on showing with creativity, technology, quality, and safety the path where one wishes to arrive, pointing out the way, the future.

Sinalmig was established 33 years ago and throughout time has made the difference. It has earned the recognition of the market, clients, and partners, and it continues signalizing that success will not stop.


Sinalmig was established in 1985, working in roads across the domestic territory, providing maintenance services in both horizontal and vertical signs. It started to work in urban signs with the same efficiency of roads signaling by investing in its collaborators’ training, been the first company in the state of Minas Gerais to import hot spray and extrusion painting equipment.

Sinalmig also expanded its presence in visual programing services in 1990. It stood out in this sector as the pioneer in changing adhesive painting processes, work that generated an invitation from 3M Brazil to become one of the company’s authorized converter.

In 2003, Sinalmig expanded even more its presence and it started to service the civil engineering industry. In this sector, it stood out in gas stations construction focusing tanks, pumps implementation, and ecological materials.

In 2013, Sinalmig inaugurated its plant in Sarzedo, a complex comprising two buildings and one shed that were customized to meet market’s future needs. All this within an industrial park with 28,000 m2 area.

Other two expansions in 2018: Sinalmig inaugurated its furniture plant in May and opened a branch in Colombia, with offices in Bogota.

Sinalmig invested through time in new Technologies, seeking for new paths and in the qualification of its team.

Currently, this team counts on over 600 collaborators (own and outsourced) and it is present across the country and in the Mercosur.   


In addition to installing materials, Sinalmig also manufactures them. It has a plant of reflective plates, lighting posts, porticoes and projecting arms, traffic lights signs, totems, ACM machining, thermal molding, locksmith, painting, and an area for signs equipment storage and maintenance, utility vehicles and trucks parking.

This was the path that Sinalmig followed in those 33 years, and for the future the same values will remain as guide for its work.



The Sinalmig Group is comprised by four companies specialized in different areas, that is in the supply or installation of equipment and materials.











To contribute to promote social well-being and environmental preservation, charming and satisfying clients’ needs, creating value for its shareholders, focusing on collaborators’ achievement and society’s well-being with sustainability and accountability.


To design, manufacture, and install visual communications elements and furniture, surpassing all expectations of clients.


In compliance with ordinance 109 and respective standards from INMETRO, in 2006, Sinalmig became the 3rd Brazilian company to get the compliance certificate for installation of fuel underground storage system – through quality audits by the Instituto Falcão Bauer, under No. CE.ISS.2981/06.

In 2008, it received ISO 9001:2000 certification, under No. 18593/08/I

In the Brazilian Quality and Productivity Program t Habitat (PBQP-H), General Bylaws of the Brazilian System for Evaluation of Services and Civil Works Companies Compliance (SIAC – Ver. March /2005), certified for technical expertise: WORKS IMPLEMENTATION and Scope: IMPLANTATION OF ROAD WORKS– Level A, certificate N XSQ/0004/BH, through RINA BRASIL Certifier.