To retain and meet clients in all demands, this is Sinalmig’ goal, manufacturing and producing corporate furniture, custom made in accordance with the necessity of each business (concessionaires, convenience stores, retailers, fast-food chains). The new unit came to aggregate value by complementing operations already developed by the Visual Programing. Since Sinalmig offers a full solution for an outlet point, associating quality, price and term.


Customized solutions with executive and 3D projects. Manufacturing with broad diversity of raw material, solid wood lumber, natural laminates, and wood pre-composite MDF, high pressure ornamental laminate, glass, mirrors, acrylic, polycarbonate, fiber, Corian®, upholstering, chrome alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum. Finishing in electrostatic painting, automotive painting, lacquer, embossed, micro-texture, PU with brightness percentage control.


Installation and maintenance implemented by a qualified technical team, equipped with the best equipment and supervised by the programing and works control department.

Products and Services:

  • Reception counter

  • Cashier counter

  • Sales and Negotiation Tables

  • Partitions and Panels (Glass, Wood, Metal, Acrylic)

  • Showrooms / Meeting room / Call Center

  • Drawers and Cabinets

  • Kids Space

  • Accessories Display / Slatwalls / Exhibitors/ Gondolas, Shelves

  • Suspended ceiling

  • Platforms / Window displays

  • Chairs / Upholstery / Lounge




175 Comendador Francisco Alves Quintas Ave, Sarzedo, MG
32450-000, Brazil
Tel.: +55 31 3503-4000 - Fax: +55 31 3503-4000

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