The International Businesses Unit was established aiming at taking all and successful trade, industrial, and operational activities already existing in Brazil.

It started in Chile, where we already have a totally independent structure from Headquarters, implementing tanks installations, pumps maintenance, as well as visual programing for fuel distributors and large department stores.

We intend to export to the whole American continent, seeking for excellence in products and services rendering.

Opening offices in Colombia consolidates our presence in the South American continent.

Products and Services:

  • Totems

  • Foreparts

  • Furniture

  • Pennants

  • Acrylic Light Signs / Night and Day

  • CVE

  • CVI + Self-service

  • Identification plates

  • Cold horizontal sign

  • Hot horizontal sign

  • Traffic lights signs

  • Porticoes, flags, projecting arms, and plates and panels supporting columns

  • Civil Engineering

  • Industrial works

  • Paving

Safety auxiliary devices:

  • Guard-rails

  • Raised pavement markers

  • Traffic Indicators, Cones

Fuel Supply Stations:

  • Implementation and Adequacy

  • Maintenance

  • Tightness testing